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Welcome on the Belgian page of Re-Co!

Re-Co is an European project focused on the development, demonstration and promotion of recommissioning projects, i.e. 5 up to 15% energy saving via no- and low-cost investments. Re-commissioning is mainly based on the following five components

  • Energy information systems,
  • Data analysis and selected measurements,
  • Optimization of existing building technology systems,
  • Information and motivation of building occupants and
  • Performance measurement or quality assurance instruments

We have summarised the results of our two pilotprojects in a short video:


The re-commissioning process is composed out of four main tasks summarised in the figure below and described more in detail in this website or in the Guidebook re-commissioning.


In the frame of the project, 12 pilot projects were realised in 10 European countries, of which three in Belgium: at KU Leuven, at Uitgeverij Averbode and at the Ministry of Finance. The benefits of re-commissioning were clearly demonstrated in the frame of the Belgian and European pilots. The energy cost saving % of the European projects varied between 4% and 20%, and was on average 10%. The profitability of the projects was very high. The IRR ('Internal rate of return') - this is the financial return of an investment - amounted on average to 73%!

Furthemore, you find on this website the Newsletters , Press releases and Other news and Downloads and links related with re-commissioning.




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