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About the pilot projects.

To achieve the project objectives, the project unites three categories of dedicated partners in each of the 8 participating countries (2 x Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, 2 x Germany, Norway and Slovenia).

The consortium partners are experts in improving energy performance in complex buildings. They tandem with national building partners who benefit from concrete pilot Re-commissioning projects in their buildings (7 hospitals, 2 universities, 1 national public buildings pool) in the framework of the project.

Thirdly, network partners such as hospital or other building associations support dissemination of Re-Co ex-periences, good practice examples and help to initiate further Re-Co projects.

Further reading: Final Re-Co pilot project process scheme and Final Re-Co pilot project documentation template


Pilot Projects presentations:

Category - Hospitals


Albert Schweitzer Klinik Graz

General Hospital a.ö.KH, Güssing

Hospital Heart Jesus, Vienna

Hospital Sisters of Mercy, Linz


Seinäjoki Central Hospital


General hospital Brezice,

University Clinic of Respiratory 

Allergic Diseases Golnik

Czech Republic:

Hospital Jihlava


Center of Public Health Zagreb


Professional Associations Hospital Ludwigshafen

Category - Universities, office buildings


Technische Universität Braunschweig


Norwegian University of Life Sciences


Norwegian Energy Efficiency Inc


Groep Uitgeverij Averbode  

Geo-Instituut, Heverlee

Ministry of finance, Brussels

Ministry of finance, Ostende

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